Updates an existing Basic Campaign’s Tasks Group.


PATCH https://ttv.microworkers.com/api/v2/basic-campaigns/{campaignId}/tasks-groups/{tasksGroupId}


Path Parameter    
Name Type Description
campaignId string The ID of Campaign.
tasksGroupId string The ID of Tasks Group.

Request Body

  "availableSlots": integer,
  "skippedWorkerIds": [


Property Type Description
availableSlots integer Number of Slots available.
skippedWorkerIds array[string]

Array of Worker IDs. There are 3 ways how Worker can get into this list:

  • Worker clicked Skip Task button on task details page.
  • Worker accepted/locked Slot and didn’t submit proof in time (lock is expired).
  • You can add Worker to this list if you want to exclude Worker from some specific Task Group.


Response HTTP Codes

Http Code Response Type Description
202   Accepted (OK)
400   Validation Failed
401   Unauthorized
403   Access denied
404   Not found

Response HTTP Headers

On successful response API returns queue-job-id header (if availableSlots has been changed).