Updates an existing Hire Group Campaign.


PATCH https://ttv.microworkers.com/api/v2/hire-group-campaigns/{campaignId}


Path Parameter    
Name Type Description
campaignId string The ID of Campaign.

Request Body

  "autoRateNokTask": boolean,
  "autoRateOkTask": boolean,
  "autoRefillPositions": boolean,
  "qtRequired": boolean,
  "successRate": integer,
  "groupId": string,
  "maximumJobLimit": {
    "enabled": boolean,
    "limitPerDay": integer
  "autoSkipTask": {
    "enabled": boolean,
    "timeLimit": integer
  "ttr": integer,
  "notificationSettings": [
      "url": string,
      "type": string,
      "notificationTypes": [
  "timeToWaitAfterSlotExpiration": integer


Property Type Description
autoRateNokTask boolean Rate position as not Satisfied automatically if calculated score is less than minimum success score. [1] [2]
autoRateOkTask boolean Rate position as Satisfied automatically if calculated score is above or equal to minimum success score. [1] [2]
autoRefillPositions boolean Auto-add positions to Campaign. [3]
qtRequired boolean Workers with passed Microworkers Qualification/Admission test [4] only allowed.
successRate integer Minimum success score. Value of this property used when autoRateNokTask or/and autoRateOkTask are turned on. [1] [2]
groupId string The ID of Hire Group.
maximumJobLimit MaximumJobLimitRequest Maximum positions per day settings. [5]
ttr integer Allocated time (in days) to rate submitted Task. Value should be in range 130.
notificationSettings array[AmazonSqsNotificationSettingRequest] Queue notification settings.
autoSkipTask AutoSkipTaskRequest Auto-skip position settings.
timeToWaitAfterSlotExpiration integer How many minutes to wait to release lock from the Slot with expired lock.


Property Type Description
enabled boolean Flag which controls if maximum positions per day is turned on.
limitPerDay integer Maximum number of positions which may be completed on daily basis. If maximum number reached - Campaign automatically became paused and will be resumed at 00:00:00 CDT. Required if maximum positions per day is turned on.


Property Type Description
url string Amazon SQS Queue URL
type string Notification settings type. Fixed value: sqs.
notificationTypes array[string] List of turned on Notification Types.


Property Type Description
enabled boolean Flag which controls If auto-skip position is turned on.
timeLimit integer If browser didn’t refresh the session within allocated time in seconds – position will be auto-skipped. Required if auto-skip position flag is turned on.

Notification Types

Notification Type        
CampaignApproved CampaignPausedByAdmin CampaignRunning SlotNotSatisfied SlotSubmitted
CampaignBlocked CampaignPausedBySystem CampaignSubmitted SlotReadyForRating TaskGroupCreated
CampaignCanceled CampaignRejected SlotCreated SlotRemoved  
CampaignCreated CampaignRestartApproved SlotLocked SlotRevised  
CampaignFinished CampaignRestartRejected SlotLockExpired SlotReviseRequested  
CampaignPaused CampaignRestartRequested SlotLockReleased SlotSatisfied  


Response HTTP Codes

Http Code Response Type Description
204   No Content (OK)
400   Validation Failed
401   Unauthorized
403   Access denied
404   Not found
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[4]“QT Optional” Feature Microworkers Blog.
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