List Slots

List all Slots of Basic Campaign’s Task.




Path Parameter    
Name Type Description
campaignId string The ID of Campaign.
taskId string The ID of Task.
Query Parameters    
Name Type Description
pageSize integer The maximum number of Slots to include in the response, used for paging. Default: 10.
sort string Results may be sorted by: id, allocated, finished, workerId, status, createdAt. Default: -finished.
nextPageToken string The pagination token used to get the next page of results, set this parameter to the value of “nextPageToken” from the previous response.


Response HTTP Codes

Http Code Response Type Description
200 SlotListResponse OK
401   Unauthorized
403   Access denied
404   Not found

Response Body

  "items": [
      "employerComment": string,
      "workerEarned": float,
      "bonusWorkerEarned": float,
      "country": string,
      "countryCode": string,
      "ipAddress": string,
      "createdAt": datetime,
      "tasksAnswers": [
          "successRate": integer,
          "taskId": string,
          "questionsAnswers": [
              "questionId": string,
              "rate": integer,
              "question": string,
              "answer": string
      "id": string,
      "status": string,
      "allocatedTime": datetime,
      "finishedTime": datetime,
      "workerId": string,
      "tasksGroupId": string,
      "lockedUntilTime": datetime,
      "fileProofs": [
      "published": boolean
  "perPage": integer,
  "nextPageToken": string


Property Type Description
items array[SlotInformationResponse] List of Slots.
nextPageToken string The pagination token of next page of results.
perPage integer The number of items per page.