Gets information about Slot.




Path Parameter    
Name Type Description
slotId string The ID of Slot.


Response HTTP Codes

Http Code Response Type Description
200 SlotInformationResponse OK
401   Unauthorized
403   Access denied
404   Not found

Response Body

  "employerComment": string,
  "workerEarned": float,
  "bonusWorkerEarned": float,
  "country": string,
  "countryCode": string,
  "ipAddress": string,
  "createdAt": datetime,
  "tasksAnswers": [
      "successRate": integer,
      "taskId": string,
      "questionsAnswers": [
          "questionId": string,
          "rate": integer,
          "question": string,
          "answer": string
  "id": string,
  "status": string,
  "allocatedTime": datetime,
  "finishedTime": datetime,
  "workerId": string,
  "tasksGroupId": string,
  "lockedUntilTime": datetime,
  "fileProofs": [
  "published": boolean


Property Type Description
employerComment string Employer’s comment.
workerEarned float Amount earned by Worker for completed position.
bonusWorkerEarned float Bonus paid by Employer to Worker for completed position.
country string Country name.
countryCode string County ISO code.
ipAddress string Worker’s IP address.
createdAt datetime The date when Slot was created.
tasksAnswers array[TaskAnswersResponse] A list of Answers to Tasks Questions.
id string The ID of Slot.
status string Slot’s Status.
allocatedTime datetime The date when Slot was allocated to Worker.
finishedTime datetime The date when Slot was completed by Worker.
workerId string The ID of Worker to which Slot was allocated.
tasksGroupId string The ID of Tasks Group.
lockedUntilTime datetime The date until which Slot is allocated to the Worker.
fileProofs array[string] The list of links to file proofs.
published boolean Slot is loaded/published.


Property Type Description
successRate integer Task’s success rate calculated based on settings and Worker’s Answers.
taskId string The ID of Task.
questionsAnswers array[QuestionAnswerResponse] The list of Worker’s Answers to the Questions.


Property Type Description
questionId string Question ID.
rate integer Number of stars Employer gave to Worker for this Answer. (Qualification Test Campaign [1] only).
question string Question.
answer string Worker’s Answer to the Question.
[1]Microworkers Things-To-Know: Qualification Tests Microworkers Blog.