Rate unrated Slot.


PUT https://ttv.microworkers.com/api/v2/slots/{slotId}/rate


Path Parameter    
Name Type Description
slotId string The ID of Slot.

Request Body

  "comment": string,
  "rating": string,
  "bonus": float,
  "taskScores": [
      "taskId": string,
      "questionsScores": [
          "questionId": string,
          "score": integer


Property Type Description
rating string

Rating for unrated Slot.

  • OK – Satisfied
  • NOK – Not Satisfied
  • REVISE – Revise required.
comment string Comment to Worker. Required, if Rating is NOK or REVISE.
bonus float Bonus amount for Satisfied Slot. Value may be in range 10% to 200% of position cost.
taskScores array[TasksScoreRequest] List of Tasks scores. [1] Required, if Campaign is Qualification Test, in all other cases must be omitted.


Property Type Description
taskId string The ID of Task.
questionsScores array[QuestionsScoreRequest] List of scores for Worker’s Answer to Questions.


Property Type Description
questionId string Question ID.
score integer Score for Worker’s Answer. Value in range 0 to 5.


Response HTTP Codes

Http Code Response Type Description
204   No Content (OK)
400   Validation Failed
401   Unauthorized
403   Access denied
404   Not found
[1]Microworkers Things-To-Know: Qualification Tests Microworkers Blog.